Gooch Construction


Gooch Construction, Inc

Gooch Construction, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Marc B. Gooch. Located in
Tallahassee, FL we have been serving the communities housing needs by
building quality affordable homes in and around the Tallahassee area. With our
strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction we take pride in every
structure we build and build it as if it were to be our own. We team only with
quality subcontractors as their work is a direct representation of our finished
product. Gooch Construction and Mr. Marc Gooch have completed over 350
homes thus giving him a vast amount of construction experience.

Marc B. Gooch

Mr. Gooch has over 16 years of construction related experience. As the
President of Gooch Construction, Inc. it is Mr. Gooch’s responsibility to schedule,
coordinate and oversee construction, complete accurate budget analysis for
construction and fast track scheduling processes, complete and process all
invoices and all accounting necessary in the day to day operations. Growing up
in a construction family has created a keen eye for quality control.